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triple j music news: New licence for DJs to format shift music

by mbertier (via)
they need to pay a licence fee to copy music they already own legally to their iPods, laptops, or compilation CDs.

Ecrans - Radiohead, les circonstances d'un mauvais concours

by mbertier (via)
malgré le travail et la créativité dont il aura fait preuve, l’auteur d’un remix n’a aucun droit sur son œuvre. Tous les droits reviennent entièrement à Warner/Chappell Music Ltd et de Xurbia. De plus, il n’a pas le droit de utiliser sa création ailleurs. Enfin, même s’il arrive premier, son nom ne sera pas associé directement au titre, car seuls les cinq membres de Radiohead seront crédités.


EFF: The Customer Is Always Wrong: A User's Guide to DRM in Online Music

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
In other words, in this brave new world of "authorized music services," law-abiding music fans often get less for their money than they did in the old world of CDs (or at least, the world before record companies started crippling CDs with DRM, too).

Beatallica back, thanks to Lars Ulrich, fair use crusader.

by mbertier
"Ulrich says he believes that cover bands, mash-ups, and the right to re-interpret art on the internet are things worth fighting for." -- Ulrich == metallica drummer

Creative Commons France

by nhoizey & 35 others (via)
Traduction française des Creative Commons

Creative Commons France

by mbertier & 35 others (via)
Traduction française des Creative Commons

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