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College Radio Day | October 2nd, 2012

by garret
College Radio Day: "The day we all come together". Links to lots of stations around the world.

Game audio & music composer for media Mattias Holmgren - Morningdew Media

by sylvainulg (via)
"snowflakes falling" could be a theme I'd use in the school zone.


The Cloud Player | Find and play all tracks from SoundCloud

by garret & 3 others
The Cloud Player is a web-based music player that let’s you... * Find and play all tracks from SoundCloud * Save playlists to your Google Account * Make smart playlists based on genre, BPM, etc * Share your ready-made playlists with your friends * Collaborate in making the best playlists ever


Ramona Falls sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photos et clips vidéos

by Krome

Télécharge Flash maintenant !

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College Radio Woodie Award | 2009 Nominees

by garret
The winner will be announced on on November 18th 2009

The FADER | Magazine Website | Music News, Mp3's, Podcast for each issue

by garret & 1 other
"The FADER, or FADER, is an United States-based music/culture/fashion magazine that covers hip-hop, reggae, independent rock, pop and dance music from around the world. Founded by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen in 1998, The FADER is a freestanding, independent New York City-based magazine." Wikipedia

Under the Radar (magazine) | Reviews, Interviews

by garret
Reviews * Music * DVDs * Live Shows * Cinema * TV * Books * Comic Books * Video Games Interviews * Music * Cinema * TV * Comic Books

WXPN | radio programs available as music podcasts

by garret
Check out these podcasts from WXPN's list: (1) World Cafe Next from WXPN is a weekly podcast showcases new, under-the-radar artists. (2) World Cafe Words and Music weekly podcast has interviews and performances by some of today's most amazing musicians. (3) The Blues File from WXPN keeps you up explores the blues. (4) The yPod podcast has interviews and live sessions with independent rock artists. (5) Echoes, features a variety of styles, acoustic, electronic music, jazz, space music, avant-garde, ambient, and rock. Echoes also has Living Room Concerts, live performances recorded in musicians' homes or in studios. Finally, don't miss npr's podcast directory at the bottom of the page. It connects to over 600 podcasts.

People's Music Store: Build Your Own Record Shop

by garret (via)
"People's Music Store is a newly launched DIY online music store. It was created by the founder of MP3 reseller, Ged Day. People's Music Store styles itself as "the first music store entirely powered by music fans." Basically the service allows you to set up your own custom-designed record store, with music chosen from a catalogue of indie record labels (so far no major record label music). The idea is that you earn points, equivalent to 10% of the price of the single, EP or album that you sell. These points can only be used to buy other music items on the People's Music Store site. There are more than 650 stores currently, with over 250,000 songs in the catalogue - most appear to be available at $0.99 per song or $8.99 per album. The site claims to be "working with" 4,500 labels, including 4AD, XL, Rough Trade, Matador, Dominio, and Ged Day's own Warp. Other than the lack of major label music, there is another minor annoyance for those of us who don't live in the U.S. - international users will frequently run into a "we're sorry, but this release is not available in your country" message. However on the plus side, all the music available for download is DRM-free and at high quality 320Kbps." [reawriteweb]

World Cafe | 2 hr daily program: live performances and interviews

by garret
World Cafe showcases indie rock, singer-songwriters, folk, alternative country, blues, and world music. World Cafe is produced by NPR Member station WXPN 88.5 FM, the public radio service of the University of Pennsylvania, and distributed nationally by NPR.

Fingertips | Free legal music (mp3 downloads)

by garret & 1 other (via)
"This is the blog version of the Fingertips web site, which is the web's longest-running guide to high-quality free and legal MP3s. Once a week, this blog will feature the three songs selected as "This Week's Finds" on the main site. Occasional other updates to the main site will be posted here as well."

The Hype Machine | Music Blog Zeitgeist of 2008

by garret
50 best artists, albums and songs chosen by music bloggers. Listen to full albums.



by vodkacoca
MonsterK7 est un petit label indépendant amoureux des beaux objets musicaux. Son but premier : réhabiliter la K7 audio, support phonographique sacrifié sur l'autel de la modernité au profit du bientôt défunt Compact Disc. Introduite dans les bacs en 1963 et éclipsée par le CD dès 1982, elle n'aura donc eu qu'une grosse vingtaine d'années de gloire. Et pourtant, nous avons tous une pensée émue pour ces chères compilations enregistrées ado sur cassette audio.


by garret
Playable archives (June 10, 2005 to July 27, 2007) of Dave Kusick's radio show on KPSU before its name was changed to That Sound. Visit for recent shows or to subscribe to a podcast.

Audiobaba | Music Search

by garret & 1 other
"Audiobaba is a next generation music search engine that allows you to find songs by acoustic similarity." Only plays 30 second samples. Artists can upload music, so it might be a way to discover independent artists, if you don't mind sorting through the haystack. Shows album covers which is kind of cool.

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