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2010 | Mp3 search engine

by garret & 1 other
" is an easy way to listen and download music. You can find your favorite songs in our multimillion database of quality mp3 links. We provide fast and relevant search. You can also post music in your blog or personal site."



Mp3Realm | Mp3 Search Engine

by garret
"Mp3Realm is an evolving search engine focused distinctively on audio in Mp3 format. Mp3Realm allows you to search for your favorite songs and clips, and filter them out by file duration. Your searches can be based on artist, title, genre or album. Mp3Realm also index's lyrics, so you can sing along to your favorite songs. The service also provides easy copy&paste HTML for your blog or site." [] | streaming music search engine -

by garret & 2 others
Pretty much the same thing as Seeqpod, but with a slightly different interface that is supposed to make finding songs faster.

musotik - music search

by garret
Enter an artists name and get the artist's bio, album info, and similar artist info. Also search for Mp3's to play or download, and get links to the artist's page on, Pandora etc.

Totally Fuzzy MP3Blog Search

by garret
"Search well over 1300 Music Blogs from here. Credits go to herr k for the OPML files and to gravybread for his mega mp3 site list used to doublecheck and verify the OPML listed sites. Without Powermarks ( this would have taken a couple of weeks instead of one very long day."

Search The Beat | music search engine

by garret
"STB uses the Google Ajax Search API to allow users to search the web for mp3s. It also uses the API to show YouTube videos alongside the search results." | Music Blog Aggregator

by garret
Similar to The Hype Machine. "One of the nicest features is the mixtape player which takes all mp3 from the artist across all blogs and puts them into a single streaming playlist. There is even a link to the original blog post that contains the mp3." [Rocketsurgeon]

SkreemR | Mp3 Search Engine (Search and Play Audio Files)

by garret & 9 others
"SkreemR is a search engine for locating audio files on the web. SkreemR crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information for you to listen, download, or find out more about audio that you are interested in." []


AltaVista | Audio Search

by garret
Search for MP3, WAV, Windows Media, Real, and AIFF files. Tip: visit and change the search result settings to 50 results per search.


musiclens | Search Engine/Music Discovery Tool

by garret & 9 others (via)
This music visualization tool recommends music. Listen to song previews.

Sideload | MP3 Search Engine/Online Storage Locker

by garret & 2 others lets you set up a free storage locker for MP3's that you find online. You can access the locker from within iTunes from any computer connected to the internet. | Music Zine

by garret & 15 others
Discover new music. Download free legal MP3's.

The Hype Machine | MP3 Blog Aggregator

by garret & 40 others
Listen to MP3's posted on music blogs, with Hype Machine's flash based player, iTunes, or as podcasts.

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