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March 2006

Big list of FREE Music Making Software - Part 3

by svartling & 1 other
Here is part 3 of the big list of Free Music Making Software. Free Synths, Effects, Filters and other Instruments & Plugins you need in your music production. With Part 1 and Part 2 together with this part - you have a Mega List of 100 Free Music Making Software!

February 2006

Part two of the BIG list with FREE Music Making Software!

by svartling
This is part two of the popular list with FREE Music Making Programs. You can see part one here. This part is even bigger than the first! With all this software, everyone on Pc, Mac or Linux can make music with practically no cost at all. Effects, Filters, Trackers, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Instruments, Drum machines and more!

A list with recommended commercial music making software for the serious or professional musician

by svartling & 6 others
A list with Interesting & Recommended commercial software to make great music with. Sequencers, Instruments, Filters, Effects, Plugins and more for all you professional or serious musicians out there.

January 2006

A big list of FREE music making software!

by svartling & 12 others
Here you have a list with the 30 latest FREE Music Making software I've blogged about on Making Music. Free VST's, Plugins, Instruments, Filters, Effects, Trackers, Sequencers & more.

July 2005

Ableton Live 5 Released

by svartling
ABLETON RELEASES LIVE 5 AT NAMM SUMMER SESSION The team's broadest-ever development effort of the award-winning music software solution, Live.

June 2005

Control Winamp from your VST host

by svartling
Winamp Bridge v0.2, which consists of a pair of plug-ins that allow you to control Winamp's playback from your VST host. The playback position of your host is sent to Winamp so when you press play in your host, Winamp should start playing. If your transport is at 30 seconds in your host when you press play, then Winamp should start playing at 30 seconds into the current track.

SynthEdit v1.0 released

by svartling
With SynthEdit you can design your own Synth from the ground up. Drag and drop modular components, connect them with virtual "patch cords". Want to share your synth with others?, want to use your synth in Cubase, Sonar etc? Use SynthEdit's Save-as-VST function to convert your synth into a VST plugin.

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