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August 2007

CK: Common Knowledge - to be shared and developed by all

by jdrsantos & 1 other
CK-ERP is an open source accounting / MRP / ERP / CRM system that runs on top of multiple middlewares. It provides accounting and back office functionalities to SMEs and utilizes the underlying middleware to administer accounts/groups.

January 2006

Simon Jenkins: The curse of Stonehenge will remain until it is handed back to the druids

by mikepower
I have attended many Stonehenge consultations. They are raving madhouses. The sanest people present are the pendragons, druids, warlocks, Harry Potters, sons of the sun and daughters of the moon.

Antony Loewenstein: Norman Finklestein vindicated

by mikepower
The latest scandal merely confirms Finkelstein's allegations against one of the world's leading Zionist organisations. Their primary interest is not the Holocaust victims themselves, rather obtaining financial reward and spending the money as they see fit

When a Mother Gets Killed Does She Make a Sound?

by mikepower
Why don't Americans Know what's going on in Israel/Palestine? The answer is unclear at this point, but some disturbing patterns are beginning to emerge. They implicate some of our major news media, and, perhaps most of all, the Associated Press, the old

Right Wing Soup? France Battling Bigot Broth for the Homeless

by mikepower
Right wing groups in France have for weeks been handing out pork soup to the hungry. But dietary concerns mean that Muslims and Jews are excluded. Which is exactly the point.

Knight Ridder: Washington Bureau

by mikepower
A pair of reports by outside experts in the last two days warn that the Army has been stretched thin by repeated combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and could soon reach the breaking point.

Bush has backward view of dissent

by mikepower
Did Bush deliberately deceive the American people to justify the war in Iraq? I don't know...and neither do you. But here's what we do know: The president doesn't think we should be asking in the first place. And that might be the biggest scandal of all.

He's not the only one eh, Mr Bush?

by mikepower
Christopher Hitchens sees some desperation inside al-Qaida: Wherever Bin Laden is now, it cannot be where he wanted or hoped to be four and a half years ago.

Hughes explains his gay admission

by mikepower
Well, yeah, like, getting rid of Charles Kennedy was a weeely, weeely good idea! Sheeesh!

The Village Voice: The Bush Beat

by mikepower
What are the odds? Paul Wolfowitz has tapped America's top gambling lobbyist's daughter — she was once a spear carrier for Wampumgate casino scandal figure Grover Norquist — to help 'probe' corruption at the World. Yeah, right!

The Presurfer : Extraordinary Cases

by mikepower
'Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine' An encyclopedic collection of rare and extraordinary cases, and of the most striking instances of abnormality in all branches of medicine and surgery

Philobiblon: The coathangar returns to America

by mikepower
There's the inevitable hideous human suffering, so clearly epitomised by the coathangar, but there's also the thought of the return of the fear of pregnancy that has haunted women for millennia. Will freedom be so quickly snuffed out?

Skirting around the school's 'dress' code

by mikepower
A ban on a New Jersey schoolboy wearing flowery skirts to school has been overturned after the American Civil Liberties Union claimed his rights were being violated.

Shit Happens

by mikepower & 6 others
Close-to-complete Ideology and Religion Shit List

The 'Whites Only' Retirement Fund - New York Times (reg req)

by mikepower police officers in Georgia who were denied membership in a supplementary retirement fund decades ago for reasons of race...are facing troubled and underfunded retirements, with benefits substantially lower than those of their white colleagues.

Truthdig - Reports - War as a Sexy Game

by mikepower
Apparently the thousands of real-life women and men coming home from Iraq in body bags or wheelchairs have done nothing to dampen Hollywood’s or the mass media’s appetite for exploiting war as a sexy, romantic profit center.

Gore Vidal: President Jonah

by mikepower
We are assured daily by advertisers and/or politicians that we are the richest, most envied people on Earth and, apparently, that is why so many awful, ill-groomed people want to blow us up. Well, we still have Kraft cheese and... the death penalty.

Will the University Survive?

by mikepower & 1 other
Will the University Survive? Is the cultivation of inquisitiveness only available for four interest-bearing payments of $19,999 at State U.? "When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course." — Peter Drucker

New Scientist Breaking News - Omega-3 fatty acids may not prevent cancer

by mikepower
Omega-3 fatty acids probably do not help prevent any type of cancer, according to a review that evaluated every cited study looking into the question.

The BEAST: 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005 (A must read)

by mikepower
15. Karl Rove: A greasy pig whose only distinction in life is his total lack of decency. Rove is decidedly not a genius; he is simply missing the part of his soul that prevents the rest of us from kicking elderly women in the face

Americans Grow To Fit Their Environment?

by mikepower
Interesting graph comparing the size of new homes and the obesity rate in America (which seem to track quite closely since 1995), prompting the question, are Americans growing to fit their environment?

Angry White Kid: Terrorist Group Raises Millions in Beverly Hills

by mikepower
Last week an organization registered as a non-profit, able to receive tax-deductible donations, raised nearly $4 million at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills. The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces will use these funds to benefit the Israeli army

Nuvvo Free On-demand eLearning

by mikepower & 14 others
For many years, online learning or eLearning has been a promise not fully realized. Nuvvo is your way to teach on the web. Everyone knows a little bit about something, and this free web service is designed to bring out the teacher in you

Late Breaking Greek News!! Typhoid Fever Behind Fall of Athens

by mikepower
Athens fell because a plague swept the empire. But scientists have debated what illness was responsible. A new DNA analysis of teeth from an ancient Greek burial pit indicates typhoid fever caused the epidemic.

Whistleblowers' Stomach-Churning Story Reveals Halliburton Cesspool

by mikepower
Thoughout military history, the vast majority of casualties in war have been from disease and nonbattle injury. This loss of manpower can be drastically reduced by ensuring that soldiers have adequate supplies of water.

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