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Nouvel iPod Shuffle, un grand pas pour l'accessibilité

by nhoizey
Avec des commandes aussi simples et une interface vocale, le nouveau lecteur MP3 d'Apple va faire des heureux !


swissmiss: giant earbuds

by julie

Desktop speakers that look like giant earbuds. Made me laugh.


iPod skins, Stickers, Etui & accessoire ipod ~ SKINIZI

by Yann_L & 5 others
personnalisation de iPod, iPhone avec des autocollants

Boing Boing: SeeqPod for iPhone plays MP3s scraped from the web

by springnet
SeeqPod has developed a custom version of its MP3 searching technology that autodetects iPhones. The service looks for MP3 files on the Web and lets you play them on your computer or iPhone.

by springnet
author site of floola, the ipoda alternative | music store (stream, buy, trade, download, sync)

by garret & 7 others
Lala lets you stream some full albums as well as upload your music allowing you to access it anytime you have an internet connection. You can also sync your music to an iPod. + Music - Embeding + 10000s Music Mp3s + 100000s Music Videos + Myspace Music

by christinayello is an online community that connects young, educated, professional people from all over the world through networks of friends. The site provides a safe, discreet, and trusted environment for meeting other people with similar backgrounds. is for everyone out there. On chillface you can # Keep your favorite bookmarks, audios (MP3), Videos and even Users Live Video Streaming. # Discover/Find new interesting and crazy things on chillface by browsing the site. # Create Playlist and Organize Playlist. # Most Importantly, Add Audio Player, Video palyer to MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Blogs, Xanga, Pretty much anywhere you like. Isn't this great. I just Love it. # Users can create Live Video Streaming and embed it on chillface. Share/bookmark your friends live video streaming. Stream anything and everything you like abiding all rules (no pornography). Through, members can find out about new music releases, listen to their playlist anytime, anywhere they want. To do all this you will have to first sign-up with chillface Hey be a chillface and Join us.

Create text-to-speech podcast from RSS feed with Odiogo for iPod, MP3 player and mobile phone

by irols
The Odiogo Podcast Producer Servers generate high quality audio files from textual posts in an RSS feed.

Widescreen iPod is on its way out in 2007

by Robertruth
According to the recent report at appleinsider, Apple will release the 6th Generation of iPod by the end of this year which will keep Apple's leadership of the mp3 market.

Anything But iPod

by irols & 2 others
Apple makes a half decent MP3 player. I own or have owned several different Apple MP3 players. However, I feel that there are better choices available. There are other MP3 players out there that are easier to use, that give you more for your money, and that still have style and class. The problem is many people do not know what else is available.

Soundustry - Matériel 100% SON

by AntoineH
Un catalogue/boutique fais par des passionés, sélectionnant le meilleur de l'équipement Son en faisant jouer la concurence chez leur partenaires marchands pour un excellent rapport qualité/prix

Audion 3 - The ultimate Macintosh MP3 player / encoder

by irols & 1 other
Hi! I'm a single app that bravely handles all your audio needs - I'm easy to use, but with gobs of advanced features ready to be discovered! I can play your Audio CDs, your MP3s, and your streaming network audio, I can encode, edit, mix, sort and manage, visualize and hypnotize. And now that I'm 3, I can broadcast, record, crossfade, and even hang with your iPod. Best of all, I've got that Panic design - light, simple, and powerful.

Weymouth Public Libraries, Weymouth Massachusetts, 46 Broad Street ...

by tashok
OCLN’s ‘E-Audio” service allows you to download full length audio books to your PC. ... To which devices can I transfer OverDrive Audio Book titles? ...

Web audio book leader faces competition - Technology -

by tashok
Audio book vendor Audible is finally beginning to show profits but the prospect of ... allowing users to download and then listen to a book on their phone. ...

The Audio Book Guide

by tashok
You'll learn the best practice weasel methods for avoiding work, besting coworkers, and hiding your incompetence. To enhance your personal life, you'll find precise instructions for training your spouse to become your remote-controlled robot, whining like a weasel no matter how good your life is (even if you're a bestselling author!) and using Weaseleze, the official tongue of weasels

Batavia Public Library - ListenIllinois FAQ

by ashokt
Audible - Yes, Audible titles are pre-loaded on Library-owned MP3 players. Why can’t I download and play a downloadable audiobook on an iPod? ...

NMRLS Newsletter - May 2006

by ashokt
Wilbraham Public Library (MA) iPod Shuffle Project - "The library has purchased five iPod Shuffles to circulate with audiobook content. ...

The Audio Book Guide

by ashokt
Based on the BBC book of the same name, this audio version is written and presented by the author Deborah Tom is a chartered occupational psychologist. She runs two training and development companies, helping individuals, companies and organisations, including the BBC, achieve excellence.The BBC Personal Development series is aimed at anyone eager to develop and improve their skills and self-confidence. Written and presented by experts, the easy, step-by-step techniques will help generate self-confidence in an ever-competitive and pressurised society.

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