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November 2007

June 2007


by oqdbpo
No one will suspect that you hold the power to fill an entire room with sound in your pocket. When you pull the podXtreme out for the first time, people might even chuckle. But when they stumble back from the powerful sound this mighty speaker projects, you might just find yourself smiling at their amazement. No other speaker on the market packs such a punch in such a small unit.

March 2007

Digg - Free audiobook podcasts ready for download

by craighosking
I have downloaded some audio books from librivox and they were not good. I then find Audio Book Fortress at a which has free, high quality audio books ...

MP3 Player: iPod | Zune | MP3 Player Accessories

by Andyg & 3 others (via)
You want Ipod or Zune or anything of mp3, bookmark this site, it has it all!!

October 2006

Un4seen Developments - 2MIDI / BASS / MID2XM / MO3 / XM-EXE / XMPlay

by nikkie
very small filesize.. XMPlay is an audio player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 / WMA / WAV / CDA / MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX audio formats, and PLS / M3U / ASX / WAX playlists. A load more formats are also supported via plugins. When XMPlay was first released in 1998, only the XM format was supported, hence the name "XMPlay".

August 2006

July 2006

bigcontact feedplayer

by beqquadro
"Play & Promote Podcasts On Your Web Site It's Shareable! * Plays podcasts immediately * Add the player to your website in just 2 steps * Listeners help share & promote your podcast * Listeners subscribe directly from the player"

June 2006 mp3 player

by beqquadro & 23 others
"Play Tagger allows you to easily play mp3 files directly on your website or blog. Simply include a tiny javascript, and your mp3 links will automatically become playable right on the page. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag and post the mp3 link to This script is extremely lightweight, as is the flash movie that plays on demand."

Music Download

by ericaf
Information, resources and articles on how to download music legally. We have also incuded popular information on Mp3 players, Mp3 and iPod

April 2006

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