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I still don't understand - <Glazblog/>

by night.kame (via)

With another hat on: I'm currently on the Aurora branch.. however I can't upgrade to Fx 7 since none of my extensions are supported. As we've moved through the versions, the TLC of extension developers for their projects has disappeared and the time-to-release for their patches has skyrocketed. I've already given up working on add-ons myself because.. well, frankly, I have a life to worry about. Between reviews, bug fixing and keeping up to date I'd lose all my free time to maintaining them.

With yet another hat on: I work in an enterprise and influence decisions regarding browser adoption. I cannot recommend Firefox in any context, where before I most assuredly could (and from a position of strength).

La nouvelle politique de Mozilla : tu ne sais pas ce que tu vas avoir, mais tu sais ce que tu vas perdre. Une bonne gestion à la WHAT TF.

Gérez votre identité numérique avec MozillaID - Clochix

by srcmax & 1 other
Mozilla s’intéresse depuis longtemps à la gestion de l'identité numérique et aux moyens de donner aux utilisateurs davantage de contrôle sur leur identité en ligne, notamment au travers de leur navigateur. Ils portent ces jours-ci leurs efforts sur un point particulier: simplifier l'identification auprès de sites Web. Le projet "verified email" permet de le faire au moyen d'une simple adresse de messagerie électronique, sans mot de passe.

June 2011

Fin de vie pour Firefox 4, Microsoft en profite

by Monique
La nouvelle position de la Fondation Mozilla pour les mises à jour de Firefox semble poser problème aux entreprises

Privacy Icons: Alpha Release « Aza on Design

by srcmax & 1 other
We are now ready to propose an alpha version of Privacy Icons that takes into account the feedback and participation we’ve received along the way. We’ve simplified the core set dramatically and tightened up the language. While the icons don’t touch on all topics, we do think they significantly move the discussion on privacy, as well as the general level of literacy about privacy, forward. We do not want to let perfection or devotion to taxonomy get in the way of the good.

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