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March 2012

Interrupt Violence

by gregg
Experience compelling narratives and take action against violence in our cities.

Le Web est la plateforme

by Monique

Le projet Boot to Gecko (B2G) de Mozilla vise à créer un système d’exploitation complet et autonome pour le Web ouvert.

February 2012

January 2012

December 2011

November 2011

Mozilla Europe and Mozilla in Europe at Maggot Brain

by Monique & 1 other

As a result, the Board of Mozilla Europe has come to feel that the Mozilla Europe association as a separate independent entity is no longer needed.

Mozilla Popcorn | Making video work like the web

by srcmax (via)
Popcorn makes video work like the web. We create tools and programs to help developers and authors create interactive pages that supplement video and audio with rich web content, allowing your creations to live and grow online.

October 2011

Mozilla in Asia » Blog Archive » how to make your own Gecko reflow video

by Rik
Then run the build to output a layout progress log as C:mozilla-buildlogout.txt.

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