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July 2008

hackers are people too 08.08.08

by marco
Put4in de h4k3rs, je les hais, c'est tous des bâtards :D

Sonic Mirror

by innipukinn
From dirt-poor Brazilian kids to autistic adults in Switzerland to in-the-know Finnish jazz aficionados, Mika Kaurismaki's latest music documentary "Sonic Mirror" follows the legendary drummer and composer Billy Cobham as he unites them all through infectious, can't-stop-moving rhythm.


by oqdbpo & 1 other
この街は進化し続ける運命にある──。 世界のトップクリエーターが、ポップカルチャー溢れる東京の今を鮮明に描く! ミシェル・ゴンドリー × レオス・カラックス × ポン・ジュノ 本年度カンヌ国際映画祭“ある視点”正式出品作品 香川照之、蒼井優、竹中直人、荒川良々、山本浩司、松重豊 /  藤谷文子、加瀬亮、伊藤歩、大森南朋、妻夫木聡、でんでん /  ドゥニ・ラヴァン、ジャン=フランソワ・バルメール、石橋蓮司、北見敏之、嶋田久作  /  主題歌:"Tokyo Town Pages" Perfomed by HASYMO Music by 細野晴臣、高橋幸宏、坂本龍一

June 2008

Showcasing the CSS Parallax Effect: 12 1 Creative Usages [Update2] › Blog › » Matthias Kretschmann | Photography & Design

by oqdbpo
Been so in love with the parallax effect that I have to post another article about it. For the non-geeks: I don’t mean measuring distances between objects in space, the parallax error in photography, any StarTrek episode, the movie Parallax View and definitely not DC Comic’s Parallax monster.

May 2008

Hotel Chevalier

by innipukinn & 1 other
First Chapter of Darjeeling Limited. Dreat.

Semaine Internationale de la Critique - Cannes 2008

by catalonestudio
ENFANTS DE DON QUICHOTTE (ACTE 1) Ronan Dénécé, Augustin Legrand et Jean-Baptiste Legrand SYNOPSIS : Le 26 octobre 2006, Augustin Legrand et Pascal Oumaklouf, de simples citoyens, décident de vivre dans la rue, au plus proche des sans-abris, afin de les fédérer et de les amener à exiger le respect de leurs droits fondamentaux.

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