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Glances by nicolargo

by Spone
Glances is a CLI curses based monitoring tool for GNU/Linux and BSD OS.


by Xavier Lacot
Graphene is a realtime dashboard & graphing toolkit based on D3 and Backbone.

steelThread/redmon - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
A nifty graphical interface for monitoring the usage of Redis instances



maatkit - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Maatkit is a package which contains high-quality command-line tools for MySQL. The tools enable power users of MySQL to do their work more safely and quickly by relying on tested software instead of scripting things themselves. The toolkit includes functionality such as table checksums, a query profiler, and a visual EXPLAIN tool, a multiprocess version of mysqldump.


How to Install htop on OSX | Geek Technica

by Xavier Lacot
I have searched for long an OSX version of the excellent htop utilty, and finally found a way how to install it.

memcache-top - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A command line tool for grabbing real time stats from memcached. Pipe Viewer

by Xavier Lacot (via)
pv - Pipe Viewer - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy • HTTP Monitor / HTTP Proxy / HTTPS & SSL Proxy / Reverse Proxy

by Xavier Lacot & 7 others
Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). Seems to be little more usable than wireshark!



Tynsoe projects

by Xavier Lacot & 6 others
GeekTool is a PrefPane (System Preferences module) for Panther or Tiger to show system logs, unix commands output, or images (i.e. from the internet) on your desktop (or even in front of all windows).

FiveRuns™ - Web 2.0 Systems Management

by cyberien & 2 others
Systems Management Nirvana Welcome to FiveRuns, the game-changing systems management company. Designed with you in mind, FiveRuns makes monitoring, analyzing, reporting and predicting the behavior of critical business systems painless. FiveRuns was designed to deliver the most sophisticated capabilities in the cleanest, clearest way possible – helping reduce complexity, risk and cost.


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