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23 May 2008 13:00

Not the biggest forum ever

by slotvent
The fastest growing general forum on the web! A forum about nothing! For when you just need somewhere to come, generally speaking of course!

09 April 2007 14:15

21 February 2007 06:15

Interview Quick Stop with Brenton Brown

by JomeiKujo
Meet Brenton Brown the author of modern worship anthems such as Lord Reign In Me All who are Thirsty and Hallelujah Your Love Is Amazing Brown was former worship pastor at Oxford Vineyard and the coordinator of the UK Vineyard Worship Development Team The inspiring worship leader currently resides in California with his wife Jude

04 January 2007 14:00

Sanford to unveil $6.5 billion budget plan

by jasontromm
Proposals include income tax cuts, land conservation, more police Gov. Mark Sanford today will unveil his $6.5 billion state spending plan, which if adopted by the Legislature, would cut income taxes, put more officers on the street and set aside money for paying health care costs and preserving land. Sanford has already proposed boosting tourism -- the state’s largest industry -- by increasing money for local tourism and commerce groups to advertise their cities. Sanford has also proposed conserving more land and bringing broadband Internet to rural areas.

03 January 2007 07:45

22 May 2006 13:00

Health care clinics can't keep up with demand

by jasontromm
Record numbers of patients are overwhelming local medical clinics for the poor, Carolinas HealthCare System officials say, and the hospital wants more public money to help cover rising costs. For the past decade, Mecklenburg County has paid CHS and Presbyterian Healthcare $17.8 million per year to subsidize the costs of treating those who cannot pay for health care. ()()Wonder how many of the people overwhelming these clinics are illegal aliens?

24 February 2006 16:45

better than softdrinks.......... RESENSA

by xdh606
World's First.... a healthy cold beverages that penetrate worldwide, be our partner!

01 January 1970 01:00

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