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Trading Currency ETFs

by polyxena
ETFs retain the valuation feature of a unit trust, which can be purchased/redeemed at the end of each day for its net value - but you’re not limited to trading at the close price. An ETF is continually priced through market trading hours and so intra-day trading becomes possible. (Not something that ever went on with unit trusts or mutual funds).

Contract for Difference Trading - CFD

by polyxena
CFDs are to be avoided, on stocks, equities, anything and everything - it’s one small step away from spread betting and if you want to end up like those dumbasses who spreadbet on the FTSE opening every morning, fine, go ahead…

Install MetaTrader EAs - Expert Advisors

by polyxena
It’s easy to include add-ons into MetaTrader - indicators, expert advisors (EAs), and other scripts, customising it to your particular requirements

Currency trading options - the Khaleeji

by polyxena
Since the Euro, give or take, has been such a runaway success, stand by for another single currency. Coming your way some time, the khaleeji.

Interest Rate Cuts All Round?

by polyxena
Thursday will have a similar deal - the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England announce their interest rates. The ECB is forecast - only forecast - to keep things the same, resisting any pressure to cut - which the larger members of the EU, France, Germany, would prefer - but others, Portugal, for example are dead against it.

Begin FX trading

by polyxena
Forex doesn’t do negative sentiment - if you reckon one currency is going to go down against another - well - buy the other currency. And you won’t be waiting for 2-3 years for a stagnant equity market to pick up again.

Don't get obsessed with Forex.

by polyxena
The simple fact is, jaded, fatigued, your decision-making is not going to be better. There’s no argument against that.


UK to ditch Pound and enter Euro?

by polyxena
What of the rumors? Rumors that, faced with a currency dropping like a stone, a lot of previous policy statements are going to be junked and the United Kingdom might make a relatively rapid emergency dive into the Eurozone.

Forex candlestick charts: Marubozu

by polyxena
Definitions of the Marubozu can vary…The majority view seems to be that marubozu = a candlestick with no upper or lower shadows. Some will use the term to describe a candlestick with one shadow, usually trailing the trend direction, so that an open (bullish) candle will have a lower shadow and conversely a bearish has an upper shadow.


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