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Views Hacks |

by claire_
This package contains a set of small Views add-ons that provide useful functionalities. Included are the following modules: Views PHP Access Plugin (views_access_php): Provides a programmable Views access plugin for rapid one-off tasks. Views Filters Auto-submit (views_filters_autosubmit): Auto-submits exposed filters on change. Views Filters Reset (views_filters_reset): Adds a "Reset" button to exposed filters. Views Selective Exposed Filters (views_filters_selective): Restricts exposed filter values to those present in the result set. Views Taxonomy Summary (views_summary_taxonomy): Provides a summary style plugin suitable for displaying hierarchical taxonomies.

Table Wizard |

by claire_
The Table Wizard facilitates dealing with database tables: It allows surfacing any table in the Drupal default database through Views 2. Relationships between the tables it manages can be defined, so views combining data in the tables can be constructed. It performs analysis of the tables it manages, reporting on empty fields, data ranges, ranges of string lengths, etc. It provides an API for other modules to views-enable their tables. It provides an API for importing data into tables in the Drupal default database (automatically doing the views integration above). It is bundled with an implementation of this API, for importing comma- and tab-delimited files.


Drupal Charting | Lullabot

by claire_
Comparaison des différentes façons de réaliser des graphiques de données issues du module Views de Drupal


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