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1A Managment

by misspo
Modelagentur | Agency for Models, Actors & People


Whiz on StarSearchCasting

by Whiz (via)
A Whiz acting, modeling and Blog profile. You will find Whiz's abilities, Resume and maybe more than you thought you would find on Whiz! Starsearchcasting is free to join, but if you wish to utilize the auditions look-up or many of the services you will have to become a paying member.


OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site - Talent Resume

by Whiz (via)
Need some WHIZ info? Don't have any OFFICIAL WHIZ info, but want some? Need an actor/Model for a movie, Prints, Indy or a Feature film - Whiz's Resume and Whiz's Profile can be found here!

networking for fashion and advertising professionals

by Randal
free site creation for all fashion advertising arts & their support services. many tools & interlacing.


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