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February 2014

January 2014

Google Glass Experiment

by sbrothier
Top-notch cross-platform solution integrating a mobile device, web and Google Glass. Imagine sports as you have never seen before!


by gregg
To empower mobile picture takers with the best lenses in the world.

MapTiler - fast maps for the web and mobile. Prepare map tiles for Google Maps, Google Earth KML SuperOverlay

by sbrothier
Drop images of maps into MapTiler and with a couple of clicks the software prepares HTML files with viewers based on Google Maps API, Leaflet and OpenLayers. Enjoy the maps on your mobile phone or tablet even while offline.

December 2013

November 2013

How the Float Label Pattern Started

by sbrothier
I first had the idea for a new input pattern back in August. The idea was simple enough - animate placeholder text to show an icon beside the input so you don't lose your context. I've been doing 99% mobile work for the past 2 years and little things like this can really add up. I wanted a solution that saved space, looked clean and clear, but didn't forego usability.

Viewport Sizes

by srcmax & 1 other
I'm trying to gather information on as many devices I can, to see what viewports are out there in the wild. I want to use this to help with responsive design & mobile web apps — not to target specific device widths, but to raise awareness of the diversity and to perhaps help you ‘optimize’ for widths that are in use, if necessary.

October 2013

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