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02 March 2015 06:45

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15 February 2015 17:00

a hollow body | a cinematic experience through the city of london

by gregg & 1 other
A Hollow Body  is a cinematic experience, a soundtrack for the city. An interactive mobile app with specially composed music score and narration guides you and a companion on a journey through the City of London. Commissioned by the Museum of London as part of their Sherlock Holmes exhibition programme, this is not a typical history walk or tourist guide. Imagine walking through a film where you are the main characters; the streets and narrow alleys of London acting as your cinematic backdrop.

13 February 2015 06:15

Comment le mobile redessine peu à peu le secteur du tourisme - JDN Web & Tech

by touristic (via)
Les voyageurs qui ont utilisé leur smartphone ou leur tablette en voyage sont enfin 12% à avoir réalisé au moins une réservation : hôtel, activité... Et les sommes dépensées sont conséquentes, puisque les deux tiers ont dépensé plus de 100 euros.

11 February 2015 17:45

How Flipboard Chose Form Over Function For Their Web Version , on FarukAt.eş

by srcmax
There is certainly plenty of room for improvement in the performance of the DOM and animations, and I want us to have a technical future wherein such flashy animations can be applied to user interfaces without so much as a shrug. But sacrificing the DOM’s greatest virtues is something that cannot and should not ever be a requirement to get us there.

60fps on the mobile web — Flipboard Engineering

by srcmax
Flipboard launched during the dawn of the smartphone and tablet as a mobile-first experience, allowing us to rethink content layout principles from the web for a more elegant user experience on a variety of touchscreen form factors

11 February 2015 14:00

zynga/scroller @ GitHub

by srcmax & 1 other
Accelerated panning and zooming for DOM and Canvas

08 February 2015 16:30

08 February 2015 12:30

04 February 2015 11:15


by Krome
Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

29 January 2015 09:45

Hook.js - Pull to refresh. For the web.

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
We love that neat little "pull to refresh" feature on our devices, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was for the web? Well, that's what Hook is here to do. We took a concept from mobile phones and tablets and made it work for the web. Try it out: Simply scroll down a bit, and then back up to the top. Bam! You've just Hooked for the first time on the web. Download it below.

28 January 2015 13:45

14 January 2015 15:30

23 December 2014 17:00

onoff Telecom| Mobile Phone Cloud Numbers

by gregg
Cloud Numbers - Multiple Mobile Numbers On One Smartphone.


by gregg
Second Phone Numbers, Private Calls and Texts, Temporary Disposable numbers for Craigslist, Dating, and Business Burner is a privacy layer for your phone. Create unlimited numbers at the touch of a button, and keep your personal number private.

23 December 2014 16:45

Email Marketing Trends - Email interaction across mobile and desktop | Campaign Monitor

by gregg
Whether email is increasingly being consumed on mobile devices is no longer a question: it’s a fact. But does that mean the days of the desktop are over?

12 December 2014 20:30

08 December 2014 14:45

Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework

by srcmax
The beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

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