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This year

by SadeceSEO
Kombi, klima, banyo ve dekorasyon ürünleri, el aletleri, beyaz eşya, nalburiye, hırdavat ve yapı malzemeleri çok uygun fiyat ve avantajlarla online alışveriş siteniz'da

Facebook will now track your browsing history on external sites & mobile apps

by gregg
Facebook has found new, far more intrusive ways to exploit your personal information. The company will now use information from your web browsing history to display tailored advertisements on its site.



10 Useful Infographics about HTML5

by oseres (via)
Whether you need to quickly get up to speed with HTML5 or are in search of easy-to-digest resources that you can use to educate your clients about this web technology that’s creating a huge paradigm shift in the web and mobile development ecosystem, this collection of infographics that visualize HTML5 facts and figures will help. If you’d like to go to the source of an infographic so that you can find a larger version and learn more about the infographic, click on the respective title or preview image.

MapBox | Fast and beautiful maps

by gregg & 6 others
An open mapping platform MapBox helps you design beautiful maps and publish them across the web and mobile devices at scale. Our open source tools and cloud infrastructure are the base of a new kind of platform, making maps more social.

Kaazing Products and Platform | Kaazing

by oseres
Kaazing products power the Living Web – the dynamic, real-time, interactive, collaborative online world that has organically evolved into the norm. Building on the HTML5 WebSocket standard and extending WebSocket functionality to any browser or protocol, Kaazing products enable instantaneous, full-duplex delivery of content back and forth between any browser or mobile device and any backend service. The Kaazing product family is built on the Kaazing Platform, which provides a unified architecture for write once, use everywhere application development that can save vast amounts of both time and money in developing and deploying Rich Internet Applications. Whether exchanging content with mobile devices, browsers or other servers, the Kaazing Platform delivers the highest scalability, security and performance available in the market today. – Display and present responsive web designs

by 84GHz
Websites für verschiedene Geräte/Auflösungen testen

Mozilla grudgingly adopts H.264

by marco
"The state of video on the Web today and in mobile devices in particular is pushing us to change our policy. We've declined to adopt a technology that improves user experience in the hopes this will bring greater user sovereignty. Not many would try this strategy, but we did," she added.

Le Web est la plateforme

by Monique

Le projet Boot to Gecko (B2G) de Mozilla vise à créer un système d’exploitation complet et autonome pour le Web ouvert.

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