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移動中より自宅がメイン? モバイルサイトの本当の利用スタイルを知る:MarkeZine(マーケジン)

by kuroyagi
"利用者数が最も多いのは「休養/くつろぎ」、次いで「就寝前」となっている。こうしたことから、モバイルサイトを多く利用するユーザーは、移動中より自宅でのんびり使う方が多いということがいえる。  通勤/通学手段の中心が電車などの公共交通機関となる都市部では、この傾向はなかなか理解しづらいかもしれない。だが郊外や地方では通勤・通学に自動車や自転車と用いる人も多く、そもそも携帯電話を操作しながら移動することはできない。"


パソコンと携帯電話の普及率トップは「北陸」、大都市圏を上回る・07年総務省調べ ビジネス-最新ニュース:IT-PLUS

by kuroyagi



|| gotomobile || The mobile usability and user experience blog

by rudydw & 1 other (via)
The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of both the cultural and technological trends shaping the wireless market from a usability and user centered point-of-view, and to outline best practices for incorporating these factors into the development and deployment of mobile products and services.

by rudydw
About digital lifestyle trends, mobile media and the continual merging of electronic devices. But also M for mososo, music, multilingual, multicultural and sometimes something about myself.


by rudydw
Mobile Media Communications - RandomOne creates easy-to-use mobile messaging concepts and integrates the applications needed to enable every mobile user to interact with any media, anytime.

Semapedia - Know Different

by dharmesh
Combine the physical annotation technology of with the availability of high quality information using the free online encyclopedia The promise of this system is to provide free relevant ad-hoc high quality information to

Mobile Search Application for Nokia Phones

by jchevillat
Logiciel de recherche à installer sur son mobile, je l'ai testé et c'est plutôt intéressant...

Proboscis | SoMa | projects | urban tapestries

by Sheino & 2 others
Urban Tapestries is a project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies through transdisciplinary research.


The Mobile-izing Japanese [PDF]

by sachachua
Examination of webphone use in Japan

Prof. Mark Chignell

by sachachua
This is the guy I want to work with most.

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