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Ari Jaaksi's Blog: MeeGo time!

by François Hodierne

We merge Maemo and Moblin projects into one single project called MeeGo.


Mac 4 Ever : L'iPhone détient 49 % du trafic web mobile pour les smartphone

by nhoizey
« iPhone [est] rien moins que leader mondial, avec 49 % de part de marché, loin devant Nokia et ses 32 % ou RIM et ses 7%. »

MIUX08/Papers - NRCwikis

by greut

2nd International Workshop on Mobile Internet User eXperience

The presentations given that year


Nokia N93i

by chernobylnews
After creating a huge buzz with the Nokia N93, N-series is all set to rock your mobile world with the Nokia N93i. As being a revised version of the Nokia N93, it looks exactly like its predecessor, but it is endowed with some added features with a more compact package. Besides that, the Nokia N93i is bit slim than its predecessor. It has been very well stuffed up with superb multimedia features and also offers better imaging features and music effects. As far as its overall profile is concerned, the Nokia N93i is a clamshell phone, hence it comes with internal and external screens, to provide you a consummate viewing experience. Its internal screen can support more than 16.7 million colours to provide you a larger than life viewing experience. Offering so much, the Nokia N93i is an unparalleled blend of style and sophistication.

Nokia Mobile codes

by greut (via)
What's the goal of this ? The first guy who can do a pixel art with it gonna be my hero.


Second Nature Nokia Ad

by nacsua
I have just seen Nokia ’s Second Nature ad on TV. I like very much the concept, the colors (neutral tones with touches of intense color), the shooting and the music. The slogan is:How would you call what you do without thinking? It is Second Nature.I think that it expresses perfectly how we act with the technology that are really easy to use we don’t even need to think …. And it links that concept to Nokia.

Mobile Games

by gik
Mobile Games for Mobile Phones

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