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20 October 2005 10:45

New Mobile VoIP Network Planned in Japan

by teleclick
Recent reports suggest that Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is considering starting a government-sponsored mobile VoIP network.

17 October 2005 08:45

Is the Government Tracking Your Cell Phone?

by teleclick
The Missouri Transportation Department is finalizing plans to make use of cell phones in monitoring real-time traffic congestion on that state’s 5,500 miles of major roads.

13 October 2005 11:00

Nokia and Ericsson to Use Lower GSM Frequencies

by teleclick
Mobile giants, Ericsson and Nokia have both announced plans to begin using the 450MHz radio spectrum to operate their GSM networks.

07 October 2005 18:15

EarthLink to Offer Wi-Fi Cellular Service

by teleclick
The internet service provider, EarthLink, is making plans to enter the cell phone business, by offering voice service over its citywide wireless networks.

27 September 2005 00:45

T-Mobile Releases Network Status Report

by teleclick
T-Mobile USA issued a report yesterday, regarding the state of its wireless network in Texas and Louisiana after Saturday’s arrival of Hurricane Rita.

26 September 2005 09:15

Verizon Rushes to Repair Hurricane Damage

by teleclick
Verizon Wireless has deployed thousands of workers to repair damaged equipment in areas affected by Hurricane Rita.

20 September 2005 14:15


by rudydw
Mobile Media Communications - RandomOne creates easy-to-use mobile messaging concepts and integrates the applications needed to enable every mobile user to interact with any media, anytime.

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