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by sbrothier
Flirtmoji is a visual language designed to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns, and flirtations. We are a group of designers, developers, and hornballs on a mission to give the people playful, inclusive, and functional sex emoji. Launched in 2014 and based in the Bay Area, California, Flirtmoji is going places and we want you to come.

Gary Hershorn’s Off-field World Cup Album | Narratively | Human stories, boldly told.

by sbrothier
A photojournalist explores the cities of Brazil with only a smartphone in hand, and discovers the country’s most mesmerizing moments happen when no one is watching.

Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards | Colossal

by sbrothier
It’s amazing to see the stories we’re now capable of telling with a device that fits in our pocket containing a camera about the size of a dime

Cep Casusu

by SadeceSEO
Günümüzde mobil cihaz kullanmayan bir birey neredeyse kalmadı. Hızla büyüyen teknoloji sayesinde güvenlik önlemleri almak daha da kolaylaştı. Bu önlemlerin bir tanesi de mobil takip. Cepcasusu çocuklarınızı, çalışanlarınızı veya takip etmeniz gereken kişileri mobil cihazlarında izlemek için tasarlanmıştır. Android ve iOS mobil işletim sistemleri için hazırlanan Cep Casusu, takip edilmek istenen telefondaki neredeyse tüm bilgiyi raporlamakta ve size iletmektedir.

20 Day Stranger

by gregg
20 Day Stranger is an iPhone app that reveals intimate, shared connections between two anonymous individuals. It's a mobile experience that exchanges one person's experience of the world with another's, while preserving anonymity on both sides. For 20 days, you and a stranger will experience the world in your own way, together. You'll never know who it is or exactly where they are, but we hope it will reveal enough about someone to build your imagination of their life... and more broadly, the imagination of strangers everywhere.


by gregg
To empower mobile picture takers with the best lenses in the world.


Power Tube Shake 2600 universal portable charger for most mobile devices - MiPow Limited

by sbrothier
"Made for iPhone / iPod" certified by Apple Inc. A winner of iF design award 2013 and reddot design award 2012 Charge different mobile devices by simply connecting to the apple connector cable , mini USB and micro USB charging cable

Visual Supply Co (VSCO)

by gregg

Analog Camera — Realmac Software

by sbrothier
The fastest and easiest way to take, process and share your photos.

Telequid - Smart Apps for iphone and ipad

by srcmax
Telequid est une société de R&D spécialisée dans les technologies transmedia permettant la mise en oeuvre d'applications telles que la Social TV, la Reconnaissance visuelle mobile, la Publicité interactive... Toutes nos briques sont disponibles en marque blanche et des applications de démonstration sont disponibles sur les marketplace.

9 surprising reasons mobile apps get rejected from the Apple app store | VentureBeat

by gregg
Apple’s App Store review process is designed to keep the app ecosystem healthy and to protect users from low-quality or hostile apps. And the system mostly works. But sometimes an app is rejected for reasons you might not expect, and it can force developers to scramble to either push back launch dates or even have to redevelop key features.

Applidium — Vous utilisez sans doute l'une de nos applications mobiles.

by gregg
Vous utilisez sans doute l'une de nos applications mobiles. Notre métier est d'imaginer et de développer des applications sur iPhone, iPad et Android. Les rendre pratiques, intuitives et réactives est notre exigence. Ainsi totalisent-elles déjà 20 millions d'utilisateurs.

iPhone Style Dragging for Both Desktop and Mobile with jQuery | InsertHTML

by srcmax
When we create stuff for the web now it’s important we remember that the web has spread from the trackpad and mouse to the touch screen. Sometimes this is hard to accomodate for, but it’s not that hard to create some awesome cross device friendly touch and drag events with HTML5 and some smart styling!


UX Archive

by gregg & 1 other
We want to help people create the best user experiences possible for their apps. In the creative process of shaping such an experience you need to explore what others have done to define what works, what doesn’t and to observe patterns that you should or shouldn’t integrate in your app

Nicholas Zambetti – LiveView for iPhone & iPad

by oseres & 1 other (via)
LiveView is a specialized remote screen viewing application intended as a tool to help designers create graphics for mobile applications, it has also proven to be useful for creating quick and dirty simulations, demos, and experience prototypes. FOR VISUAL DESIGNERS — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad quickly and easily with a live view of your canvas/artboard while you work. LiveView is compatible with both standard and Retina displays. FOR INTERACTION DESIGNERS — With your iPhone or iPad tethered via WiFi, you can interact with software prototypes and demos running on your Mac to communicate and iterate your concepts quickly. FOR EVERYONE — If you've ever needed to press a button from afar or wished that you could take a piece of your monitor with you across the room, this app may prove useful from time to time. Inspired by and created to support the vibrant prototyping culture at IUAV.

Circa News App

by gregg
Rather than shoehorning existing content into a new environment, Circa is creating the first born-on-mobile news experience, delivering it in a format native to mobile devices, with an experience intuitive to mobile users.

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