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9 creative uses of QR Codes for your business | memeburn

by HK
With the exponential rise in mobile internet access there is no doubt in my mind that 2D codes (also known as Quick Response, or QR Codes) will become a trusty tool for “tagging” real-world objects with virtual information.

Apple Announces iAd Mobile Advertising Platform

by HK
Apple will sell and host the ads, giving 60% of ad revenue back to developers, and Jobs says that developers can add ads to their apps “in an afternoon”. Unlike most mobile ads, which kick users outside of the application they’re currently using, iAd keeps users in the same app. In a jab at Flash, while showing an ad, Jobs said “Oh, by the way, all of this is done in HTML 5.

Augmented Reality Architecture | Fubiz™

by HK
Une structure “N Building” située à proximité de la station de Tachikawa et au milieu d’un quartier commercial. Imaginé par Terada Design, il s’agit d’une façade entièrement habillée d’un code QR, permettant des informations complémentaires lisibles sur un téléphone mobile.

try to remain invisible

by HK
We’re currently working on a new subtlemob called ‘OUR BROKEN VOICE’ We plan to premiere it in spring 2010, with an international tour to follow. “a single event explodes into many fragments and strands . . you step into one of those strands and piece it together with strangers who are


Eliom Day

by HK
Eliom, projet de 4 étudiants de l’Ecole des Gobelins. Il s’agit d’une application mobile en devenir, basée sur la géolocalisation, elle verra le jour en juin 2010. Le concept est franchement flou mais le teaser est sympathique, à suivre donc…




Wapedia - Homepage

by panwh & 2 others
Wapedia - the mobile encyclopedia

by hchicha & 2 others
RSS conversion for WAP (RSS2WML, RSS WAP or RSS-to-WAP) + WAP directory,WAP links

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