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August 2007


by springnet
Weighing a mere one pound, the model 02 features innovations including 5" sliding WVGA LCD screen, integrated thumb keyboard and track stick, and capacitive TouchScrollers™.

March 2007

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October 2005

Mobile Phones and Consumer Electronics: Do They Mix?

by teleclick
With many companies integrating consumer electronics technology, such as hard drives, into mobile phones, industry analysts are predicting that the practice will result in many new challenges.

Motorola Kicks off New Mobile Computing Product Line

by teleclick
On Monday, Motorola unveiled the HC700-L, the first in a series of mobile computing solutions planned by that company.

Samsung’s Latest Phone Has a Great Memory

by teleclick
Electronics giant, Samsung, has just released a new cellular phone with a 3GB hard drive. That’s enough memory to store thousands of digital pictures, or hours of video data, all on a single tiny handset.

Cell Phones Could Soon Recognize their Owners Movements

by teleclick
Scientists in Finland have developed a security sensor, which responds to a person’s movements, and is able to adapt to recognize the legitimate owner of a wireless device by the way they walk.

August 2005

The Tlog

by Dehumanizer
Yet Another Technology Blog. Computers, software, hardware, mobile phones, PDAs, gadgets, programming, security, blog optimization tips

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