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11 February 2015 17:00

How Flipboard Chose Form Over Function For Their Web Version , on FarukAt.eş

by srcmax
There is certainly plenty of room for improvement in the performance of the DOM and animations, and I want us to have a technical future wherein such flashy animations can be applied to user interfaces without so much as a shrug. But sacrificing the DOM’s greatest virtues is something that cannot and should not ever be a requirement to get us there.

60fps on the mobile web — Flipboard Engineering

by srcmax
Flipboard launched during the dawn of the smartphone and tablet as a mobile-first experience, allowing us to rethink content layout principles from the web for a more elegant user experience on a variety of touchscreen form factors

11 February 2015 14:00

zynga/scroller @ GitHub

by srcmax & 1 other
Accelerated panning and zooming for DOM and Canvas

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