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by vista
近期,最热门的几大事件-超级女声、电影《神话》、苹果Video iPod发布……都与"无线"挂上了钩。随着无线科技发展一日千里,移动营销渐渐流行。 今天的市场营销已经是一个"差异化"(Differentiation)的战场-利用差异化的产品,通过差异化的渠道,捕捉差异化的客户。

Canadian Wireless Providers Plan Mobile Payment Service

by teleclick
Three of Canada’s top wireless providers have recently come to an agreement this week on a joint venture that will allow customers to make payments via their mobile phones.

ROKR Discounted by $100

by teleclick
After dismally poor performance for the past several weeks, Cingular Wireless has decided to cut the price of the Motorola RORK phone by a drastic 40%.

Google and Yahoo Plan Further Wireless Web Expansion

by teleclick
Google and Yahoo are both currently making plans to further expand into mobile communication markets, by extending a number of their internet based services to cell phone users.

Non-Voice PDA Sales Continue to Decline

by teleclick
According to International Data Corp., the past few months have seen consumer sales of non-voice-enabled PDAs slide for the seventh consecutive quarter.

LG and Sanyo know how to Satisfy Customers

by teleclick
The recent Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study conducted by SD Power and Associates has ranked LG and Sanyo as the top two cell phone manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction.

The ROKR is off to a Rocky Start

by teleclick
Motorola’s new ROKR cell phone, best known for its ability to play Apple iTunes music, isn’t performing anywhere near as well as expected.

Nokia Targets New Phones to Emerging Markets

by teleclick
This Wednesday saw the release of four new Nokia handsets, two of which will be targeted at emerging markets, including Latin America, and parts of Asia.

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