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GPS splitter, simulator and logger. Serial port splitter. - Franson GpsGate

by Spone
Run many GPS applications using one GPS! logger, simulator, share over networks, and much more... Share one GPS among several applications. Use Garmin USB GPS receivers with standard GPS applications. GPS simulation and logging. More stable GPS connection. In particular to Bluetooth GPS receivers Share a GPS over a network, ActiveSync, Bluetooth or HTTP. Connect a GPS to Google Earth Connect Garmin nRoute to a normal GPS Multiplex and split NMEA streams, and more... Connect to GpsGate Server or for sharing over the Internet. Use Trimble TAIP GPS receivers with standard GPS applications. Windows 7/Vista/XP/2k/NT/ME/98, Windows Mobile (with touch screen), Pocket PC, Windows CE .NET


Home Zone - Adapting your Mac to wherever you are

by nhoizey & 1 other
Home Zone monitors Airport networks and Bluetooth devices in your proximity and can automatically trigger user-definable actions when configured networks or devices appear or disappear.


Bluetooth Misunderstanding

by nacsua
The problems of using a Bluetooth earphone, people won’t notice it and may cause misunderstandings. You can’t always be smooth…but let your beer should be, poor guy I think he is cute.


Motorola Kicks off New Mobile Computing Product Line

by teleclick
On Monday, Motorola unveiled the HC700-L, the first in a series of mobile computing solutions planned by that company.

BT to Launch Converged Bluetooth and GSM Mobile Phone

by smudie
BT, the UK's largest fixed line carrier, is about to launch a converged handset that can connect via Bluetooth and GSM - code named, the Bluephone. In other words, you'll be able to make calls via your landline (via Bluetooth) when you're in range - like cordless phones work today. But when you move out of range, the GSM network will take over.

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