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App Annie - The App Analytics and App Data Industry Standard

by srcmax
We provide analytics services and market intelligence so that app developers can focus on making apps, not reports.

Button | User-First Mobile Monetization

by sbrothier & 1 other
Button connects your app to leading commerce brands, earns you money, and generates user

Home - App Animations

by Spone
Welcome to App Animations, a collection of iOS animations to inspire your next project. You can sort through the 58 animations by their patterns and style, save your favorites after registering, and embed the them on your own site or inspiration board. And be sure to visit this site on your mobile device for looping full screen animations!

Bout turns social photography into a sport | Kill Screen

by sbrothier
You play by starting a photo challenge – you can write your own, or select from currently available gems along the lines of “animal you most look like” or “something you shouldn’t drink” or “best Spiderman”. You share that “bout” with your friends, who then presumably rise to the challenge and take a photo that best/most awesomely represents that statement. 

AH Home

by sbrothier
Bout, a social photo-taking game for iOS, was built in collaboration with leading comedy site CollegeHumor. Bout pits players’ skills and cleverness against their friends’ for the chance to win in-game coins and earn bragging rights. Players race to submit the most creative pictures in response to fun prompts, resulting in an endless stream of amazing, funny photos.


Neonto Studio - revolutionary tool for creating native mobile apps without coding

by Spone
Design your app visually and get native, high-quality iOS and Android code instantly. Don't compromise on user experience. Neonto Studio lets you make real apps, not just prototypes or packaged websites.


Mobile App Design & Development Tips

by leadnleadcom
Mobile App Design & Development Tips.Professional app design for multiple screen sizes and operating systems will increase no.of app downloads.Mobile app design is an art as much as it is a science.

Mobile App Marketing Services & Consulting

by leadnleadcom
LeadnLead is a Mobile App Marketing Services & Consulting Company.

Former Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale, A Social Networking App For Visual Storytelling | TechCrunch

by sbrothier
A pair of ex-Microsoft engineers, Robert Mao and Haitao Li, have launched what they describe as a new social network based around photos and videos with Pixotale, an app that aims to re-imagine long-form storytelling for the mobile era.


Telequid - Smart Apps for iphone and ipad

by srcmax
Telequid est une société de R&D spécialisée dans les technologies transmedia permettant la mise en oeuvre d'applications telles que la Social TV, la Reconnaissance visuelle mobile, la Publicité interactive... Toutes nos briques sont disponibles en marque blanche et des applications de démonstration sont disponibles sur les marketplace.

Non, je ne vais pas télécharger ton application mobile de merde ! - Framablog

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
Tom Morris souhaite juste lire un article de presse. Sauf que la procédure pour y arriver n’est pas la même selon qu’il se trouve sur bon vieil ordinateur ou sur son clinquant smartphone (ici un iPhone). Alors Tom Morris en a marre et nous le dit sur son blog dans un style qui ne fait pas dans la dentelle !

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