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13 August 2007

Harmonic mix

by lecyborg
What is harmonic mixing(mixing in key)? How many times haven't you mixed tracks that are perfectly synchronized, but still there is something not quite right. You then probably had a disharmonic mix. To begin with harmonic mixing seems to be complicated and not very useful. But when you first get the hang of it, there is no way back. Listening to harmonic mixes is a delight for all ears.

09 July 2007

Advanced Vinyl Handling, DJ Basics

by lecyborg
"What is DJ-ing anyway ?" I'll start by saying it is not just chaining tracks together into one long continuous piece of music. How you mix your records, which records you mix and even the order in which you mix them can make or break an atmosphere. A DJ is a musician who is using music to make music. The turntables, mixer and records make up one of the most versatile and complex instruments imaginable. Still, this does not do credit to the most important thing about DJ-ing. The ultimate goal for a DJ is to create something magical with the audience, to make time stop, to create a natural high, or more down to earth, at least give the crowd a great time.

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