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January 2008

December 2007


by camel & 1 other
virt-p2v is an experimental live CD for migrating physical machines to virtual machine guests.

October 2007

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration: Monarch Butterfly

by knann & 1 other
Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America. They track the coming of spring through the migration patterns of monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds, whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles— and other birds and mammals; the budding of plants; changing sunlight; and other natural events. Find migration maps, pictures, standards-based lesson plans, activities and information to help students make local observations and fit them into a global context. Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation's premiere "citizen science" project for children. The general public is welcome to participate.

September 2007

July 2007

plan for mass-bug filing, removal of php4

by CharlesNepote
"as i mentioned a couple weeks ago, php4 is going to be removed from testing/unstable."

June 2007

May 2007

Mysql database migration and special characters | Orthogonal Thought

by kasi77 & 2 others (via)
So, I keep having all sorts of problems when moving my mysql database from one machine to another. The issue is that in text or varchar columns containing data that have special characters like smart quotes (those crazy curly quotes), accented letters, etc. result in scrambled data. For

April 2007

March 2007

Migrating WSE 3.0 Web Services to WCF

by brianwaustin
MSDN official guide to service migration under the WSE 3.0 architecture.


by nhoizey & 1 other
L’objectif est de centraliser les bonnes volontés qui veulent contribuer à ce qu’AGORA puisse disparaitre au profit de SPIP.

Profile backup - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

by mfaure
Comment migrer facilement ses données Firefox ou Thunderbird (exemple: changement de machine). Permet notamment de copier tous ses comptes thunderbird d'une machine à une autre.

February 2007

January 2007

Transporter Release Candidate

by nhoizey
Migrate your existing Windows PC to a Parallels Virtual Machine

December 2006

MIGRINTER - Migrations internationales - Serveur documentaire

by alexnihilo
Le serveur documentaire " Migrations internationales " met à disposition de tous par Internet des bases de données bibliographiques et documentaires relatives au domaine des migrations internationales.

November 2006

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