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Migrate |

by nhoizey
The migrate module provides a flexible framework for migrating content into Drupal from other sources (e.g., when converting a web site from another CMS to Drupal).

Mise à jour 1 .9 .2 vers 2 .0 .3 - SPIP - Contrib

by nhoizey
La version 2 de spip étant une version majeure, la mise à jour d’un site en version 1.9.2 est particulière. Quelques conseils pour que la transition se fasse au mieux.


by nhoizey
Voilà une page qui recense les grands principes à connaître pour migrer les plugins de SPIP 1.9 à SPIP 2.0, indispensable !



Moving Legacy PHP4 apps to PHP 5.1 | PHP Everywhere

by nhoizey (via)
Today, started to test moving some of our PHP4 apps to PHP5.1.1. Some of this code was written for PHP 4.0.6, over 3 years ago. The migration so far has been relatively painless. Here are some of the problems we encountered.

Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center: Free Book - Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

by nhoizey (via)
Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET is is the complete technical guide to upgrading Visual Basic 6 applications to Visual Basic .NET, covering all upgrade topics from APIs to ZOrders. It shows how to fix upgrade issues with forms, language, data access, and COM+ Services, and how to upgrade applications with XML Web services, ADO.NET, and .NET remoting. It also provides big-picture architectural advice, a reference of function and object model changes, hundreds of before-and-after code samples, and a CD packed with useful examples.

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