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13 December 2006 17:15


by claus1960
Site with free (under GPL licence) Sudoku game for mobile devices like Smartphones, PDAs etc. M-SuDoKu is a free J2me (JAVA) of the popular puzzle game. A version with numbers in Chinese characters (Kanji/Hanzi) is also released: M-Kanji-SuDoKu. Its features include: Colourful user interface | Level choice (Medium or Difficult) | Background image choice | Restart option | Input mode for devices without numpad | Input mode for devices with both joypad and numpad | "Show solution" option (both for the complete grid and for a single 3x3 box only) | "New puzzle" option | Automatic language selection (currently supported: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French) Please visit PhonPhun for more info, license details, source code and new versions!

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