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November 2007

MIDI and Music Synthesis Tutorial

by Emaux
The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol has been widely accepted and utilized by musicians and composers since its conception in 1983. MIDI data is a very efficient method of representing musical performance information, and this makes MIDI an attractive protocol not only for composers or performers, but also for computer applications which produce sound, such as multimedia presentations or computer games. However, the lack of standardization of synthesizer capabilities hindered applications developers and presented new MIDI users with a rather steep learning curve to overcome.

June 2007

December 2006


by dfracheb & 3 others
un controleur midi doublé de max msp, ce qui donne une méchante boiboite, seul hic! le prix : 500$


by audiofanzine & 1 other
Webzine pour les musiciens et amoureux du son : news, tests, dossiers, avis, forums, tutoriels, astuces et comparateur de prix.

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