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Virtual Patching in the Spotlight Due to Unpatched Microsoft Vulnerabilities

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Due to three recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerabilities, the use of Intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection to shield against vulnerabilities


Améliorer la gestion des bureaux virtuels sur Windows

by Giraultises (via)
Dexpot peut vous permettre de créer jusqu’à 20 bureaux virtuels et se configure pour faire en sorte de pouvoir passer d’un bureau à l’autre en utilisant les moyens que vous souhaitez (raccourci dans la barre des tâches, raccourci clavier, etc…). Il est même possible d’assigner une résolution spécifique à un bureau, ou même d’en protéger l’accès grâce à un mot de passe, choses impossibles à réaliser avec le module standard de gestion des bureaux virtuels de Microsoft.

Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft’s Holographic Goggles

by manu
The prototype is amazing. It amplifies the special powers that Kinect introduced, using a small fraction of the energy. Project HoloLens’ key achievement—realistic holograms—works by tricking your brain into seeing light as matter.


The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk

by night.kame & 2 others

It's not just possible, but fairly common for someone to visit a Google website from a Google device, using Google DNS servers and a Google browser on the way.

This is a level of of end-to-end control that would have caused us to riot in the streets if Microsoft had attempted it in 1999. But times have changed.

Le pseudo-geek qui urinait sur Microsoft lèche aujourd'hui les pieds de Google. Le pseudo-geek préfère le monstre au maladroit.

les stratégies d'enferment des utilsateurs des géants du web et des OS

by toki
Apple, Google, Microsoft... la NSA n'a plus qu'à se servir

Update on Metro | Future Releases

by François Hodierne
Looks like "Update on X" now actually means "We're killing X"


Amid NSA Outrage, Big Tech Companies Plan to Track You Even More Aggressively | Wired Business |

by gregg
Some of the biggest companies in tech are assembling new forms of online tracking that would follow users more aggressively than the open technologies used today. Just this week, word arrived that Microsoft is developing such a system, following, apparently, in the footsteps of Google.

American Idol's Blake Lewis in new Microsoft campaign

by tyteu
American Idol season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis has teamed up with Microsoft on a new commercial.

Microsoft Is Still The Biggest Brand Used For Work

by tyteu
a survey online about operating systems's consommation in the world


Windows 8 Push Arrives on 14 Conde Nast Covers | Media - Advertising Age

by sbrothier
Microsoft's massive ad campaign promoting Windows 8 has arrived in magazines from publishers including Hearst, Time Inc. and Conde Nast. But glossy promotions fixed to the front of Conde Nast's December issues seem to push boundaries that magazines have long observed.

Ceton: One Cable, Six Streams

by toki
At CEDIA, Microsoft demonstrated a small-form-factor PC with four active tuners on a Ceton card.

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