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19 July 2005

naoyaのはてなダイアリー - microformats って一体何だ?

by asiamoth & 2 others
microformatsについてよくまとまった記事。 『特定の問題を解決するための小さな仕様で、ウェブ上のデータに Simple & Easy にメタデータを与えていきましょう』という物。

18 July 2005

15 July 2005

11 July 2005

xFolk (RC1)

by philippej & 7 others
Où l'on apprend que exporte déjà ses 'marks' au format xfolk dans nos blogs.

10 July 2005

07 July 2005

04 July 2005

01 July 2005

The Community Engine Blog: Microformats and the remixable web

by digitalmonkey
"To answer Jon Udell and others, microformats enable the remixable web".

XMDP - XHTML Meta Data Profiles

by digitalmonkey & 3 others
"XMDP™ (XHTML Meta Data Profiles) is a simple XHTML-based format for defining HTML meta data profiles easy to read and write by both humans and machines. The markup is a profile of XHTML".

25 June 2005

23 June 2005


by roberto & 38 others
Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

22 June 2005


by philippej & 6 others
" would enable end-users to register their favorite tool of choice so that wherever they traveled on the web, by simply clicking on the the 'ReBlg' button - they could easily send that post to their favorite tool". Mouais ?:)

21 June 2005


by nhoizey & 18 others (via)
In the true spirit of the web, microformats are designed for humans first, taking advantage of what works today. Built on exisiting standards such as XML and XHTML, microformats are a new way of thinking about markup, exposing the visible data that’s already in page content.

20 June 2005

17 June 2005

À l'agenda des microformats - Karl Dubost

by babils & 2 others (via)
"L'activité de Technorati est d'indexer les carnets Web et leur contenu. Mais pour en faire quoi ? Mais bien sûr, pour vendre le contenu digéré de vos carnets Web. Les carnets Web sont une merveilleuse source d'informations pour tous les spécialistes du marketing."