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07 June 2006 13:00

Auto updating inspirational quote box

by douglaswalker
This is a great tool for your blog or website. It is a small auto updating text box which contains an inspirational quote and a small image. Fits easily into sidebars or where ever you want. It is really easy just cut and paste a few lines of code into your template or site code. I have it at my site and my visitors really like the simple messages.

Letter to God - Write a letter to your God and read other peoples

by douglaswalker
Ever wanted to ask God something? Now you can Write a letter to your God. Interesting to read letters that others have left. Gives you a great insight into the Human condition. We really all want the same thing. Overseen by someone called The Helper

05 June 2006 15:00

Bruce Lipton PhD

by wcardinal
Research scientist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., introduces a long-awaited paradigm shift in the biomedical sciences. The new science will inspire your spirit, engage your mind and challenge your creativity as you comprehend the enormous real potential for applying this information in your life and in your profession.

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