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August 2006

merepersiflage : Spn : Like a Storm Inside : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. 17/21. Sequel to The Truth At Seventeen. Something kind of off about this one. Hm.. starts kind of mediocre, but the end is sharp and hot and so good.

merepersiflage : Spn : The Truth at Seventeen : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. 17/21. Sequel to the Party Of Almost Was. Dang. This is really good. Not as light as the author's other stuff.

merepersiflage : Spn : The Party of Almost Was : fic

by Olivia
Teenage Winsexin. Sam 16/Dean 21. Super hot, and great characterization, too. This is excellent -- most of merepersiflage's stuff is really light; highly enjoyable, but flawed. This one, though, gets *so* many things right between them. Awesome.

merepersiflage : Spn : The Most Wonderful Time of the Year : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. 16/20. Some really sweet, hot teenage Winsexin, here; something I can never get too much of. The ending seems rushed, but there are some really nice moments -- bits of characterization, etc. And I love First Time/Doing X fics, they're so fun

merepersiflage : Spn : He's Got the Whole World : fic

by Olivia
Funny. :) Sam gives his brother a pop quiz in science. HAH-HAH get it? A pop quiz? Oh, I kill me. Sequel to "Can You Take 'Em All."

July 2006

merepersiflage : Spn : Can You Take'em All? : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Dean gives Sammy a pop quiz in US history. Patriotic porn! A couple of spelling errors, but it's not like that fucking matters, HOMG SO HOT.

merepersiflage : Spn : Stranded at the Drive-in - 3/3 : fic

by Olivia
Ouch. This could have used some proofreading. Uneven. But there are some nice crests, here, if you have the patience for the troughs. And I do like the more realistic portrayal of anal sex -- it's sexy, but in a different way from idealized sex.

merepersiflage : Spn : Stranded at the Drive-in - 1/3 : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Tasty little bites of angst inbetween the porny fun. Has its problems, but I still enjoyed it. Flashbacks to Stanford, references to Sam being sixteen when they first started. Accurate descriptions of cocksucking and male anatomy! :)

merepersiflage : spn : Pour Some Syrup on Me : fic

by Olivia
It has its occasional problems; but I really, really like this. Strong Dean voice. Not sure about the syrup, but there's an awesome backseat sex scene. Sam is 16, Dean 21. Warm and sexy, with a little angst throughout. I love.

March 2006

merepersiflage : SPN : Don't Know How to Let You Go : fic

by Olivia
hot and porny. angst! hurty. wincest. great characterization. i've almost written this, in bits -- but what's great about being lazy is that eventually someone will come along and write it so much better than your stupid crappity crap.

merepersiflage : SPN : Pushed Buttons, Crossed Wires : fic

by Olivia
discipline. porny. magical deer! oh god this is hot, and very wrong. Dean's afraid, and that makes him angry. Dean's angry, and that makes Sam horny. With sexy results!

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