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lasvm [Léon Bottou]

by ogrisel (via)
LASVM is an approximate SVM solver that uses online approximation. It reaches accuracies similar to that of a real SVM after performing a single sequential pass through the training examples. Further benefits can be achieved using selective sampling techniques to choose which example should be considered next. As show in the graph, LASVM requires considerably less memory than a regular SVM solver. This becomes a considerable speed advantage for large training sets. In fact LASVM has been used to train a 10 class SVM classifier with 8 million examples on a single processor.

Play and create online games at for free

by z0man
Probably the best free games online with score boards too. Users can create their own game.


animated memory game -

by ycc2106
Try all the memory tests(sound, faces, animated...) INteresting to see how we remember things differently. For me faces was the easiest.

Buy Computer Memory Online

by bl100bec
Information On Buy Computer Memory Online.


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