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Androids Apps: Today’s Riddle

by alamat (via)
Today’s Riddle contains over 500 challenging riddles that will keep you thinking for days!


Lumosity - iq_tests:index

by ycc2106
Find out how quickly you think, how well you remember, and how effectively you attend to the world around you. This quick and fun test provides an assessment of your brain fitness. Your LumosIQ score represents your abilities across several of the most i

Internet Archive: Details: Jeff Hawkins, Numenta: "Prospects and Problems of Cortical Theory"

by ogrisel (via)
Jeff Hawkins, Numenta: "Prospects and Problems of Cortical Theory". This is the 10th and final talk given at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience


It's Worry Time!

by iprofits
This is an article describing a technique called "worry time" to help you reduce your stress.

Coffee Break Brain

by YukuanMark
Here's a reason to tell your boss to "give you a break." As this ScienCentral News video explains, scientists working with rats say breaks from activities may help your memory.

On Intelligence

by YukuanBlog
《創智慧》,原書《On Intelligence》,作者 Hawkins 提出一套大腦新皮質(neocortex)運作的理論:

Numenta, Inc.

by YukuanMark & 1 other
Numenta is developing a new type of computer memory system modeled after the human neocortex. The applications of this technology are broad and can be applied to solve problems in computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. Th

Memory-prediction framework

by YukuanMark
The memory-prediction framework is a theory of brain function that was created by Jeff Hawkins and described in his book On Intelligence. This theory concerns the role of the hippocampus, neocortex, and the thalamus in matching sensory inputs to stored me

Study Reveals New Vaccine Reverses Memory Loss

by YukuanMark
Imagine an Alzheimer's patient receiving a vaccine made of specialized blood cells and then showing a much- improved memory. Also, imagine that vaccine having no side effects and needing to be given only occasionally.

Conscious And Unconscious Memory Linked In Storing New Information

by YukuanMark
The way the brain stores new, conscious information such as a first kiss or a childhood home is strongly linked to the way the human brain stores unconscious information, researchers at Yale report this month in an article featured on the cover of Neuron.



by YukuanMark
沒有認知能力的動物會藉由簡單的嘗試錯誤法來學習,為慣性學習法(habit learning),但人類不同,不論學習什麼,都傾向用意識思考,所以學者們不確定人類是否仍保有這個能力,故美國聖地亞哥加州大學的研究員利用失憶症(amnesia)的病患,證明人類仍保有這個原始的本能。

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