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Re: [tcpdump-workers] Freeing memory in libpcap

by sylvainulg
could have been worth a note in pcap_next(), imho.

Is it sufficient to detelet context in RPC Response Messages - oversim | Google Groups

by sylvainulg
RPC call messages are deleted automatically when sending an RPC response message using sendRpcResponse(call, response). If you do not respond to a RPC call, you have to delete the call message by yourself. Response messages are deleted in BaseRpc::internalHandleRpcMessage().

ASCII by Jason Scott / Floppy Disks: It’s Too Late

by night.kame

I am telling you this because I am grabbing you by the fucking collar and shaking very hard because it is obvious you need to be shaken very hard and told that this is it. This is the endgame for floppies. We went over the hump, and the chances of rescue are slim to none now, but there are still chances. It’s a chance that needs to be taken now.

Vos disquettes 5"1/4 meurent, la mémoire s'en va, le dernier moment pour essayer de sauver cette mémoire arrive incessamment très vite.




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