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FIT - TIP - MEMORY USAGE - Firefox qui rame et pas envie de le relancer ? Essayez cette astuce. - Korben

by decembre
J'avais mon Firefox qui pédalait un peu dans la semoule après une grosse journée de boulot. Surement la faute à une page web trop violente ou à un plugin trop gourmand. Pas envie de le relancer et difficile d'en savoir plus... Alors en cherchant des indications sur la consommation mémoire interne de Firefox, j'ai eu l'idée d'entrer dans la barre d'url (Oui sans chercher sur un moteur de recherche. Trop fort le gars.) : about:memory Et là je suis tombé sur un bouton magique : Minimize Memory Usage. J'ai cliqué dessus et paf, plus aucun problème de ramouillage. Si j'avais su avant... Peut être que vous connaissiez déjà, peut-être pas, mais peu importe, je partage l'astuce.



How to work around the Mobile Safari image resource limit

by manu
Because of the memory available on an iPad or iPhone, Mobile Safari has much stricter resource limits than most desktop browsers. One of these limits is the total amount of image data that can be loaded on a single HTML page. When Mobile Safari has loaded between 8 to 10 MB of image data it will simply stop displaying any more images. It might even crash...



Androids Apps: Today’s Riddle

by alamat (via)
Today’s Riddle contains over 500 challenging riddles that will keep you thinking for days!



Opening up conversation on browser interrogation tools with Browser Memory Tool Prototype on Dion Almaer's Blog

by oseres
Do you sometimes feel like the browser is a black box? We are building richer and richer applications on the Web platform and this means that developers are running up against new issues to debug and test. We feel like it is a great time to develop new tools that afford you the ability to look into the runtime to hopefully help you find a bug, or allow you to keep your application as responsive as possible. Today we want to start a conversation about some of our thinking, with the hope that you will join in. We have been taking a hard look at the tools landscape, and here is a presentation that gives you an idea of our thinking:

Lambda Probe

by Elryk & 1 other
Open source Tomcat management and monitoring tool.

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » A New Memory Tool for the Web

by Xavier Lacot
When the web developer's life will begin to be at a memory level, we'll start seeing disappear crappy web apps. And crappy webdevs.

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