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July 2005

June 2005

Oxford Scholarship Online: The Press Effect

by tsalon
"Politicians, Journalists, and the Stories that Shape the Political World"

EastSouthWestNorth: The Shalan Flash Flood - Part 2

by tsalon
Was that famous photo of the hand prints left on the wall by dying children fake (or, at least, untruthful)? Here are many of the doubts that have been raised so far, together with a simple refutation.

May 2005

Alberto Cairo's Infographics revolution

by tsalon
When it comes to online content, Cairo is convinced that "citizen journalists" will not be able to compete with traditional media.

Is 'CraigsNews' Coming Soon?

by tsalon
It's called collaborative citizen journalism (CCJ), where ordinary citizens band together on the Web to write original stories and critique mainstream media stories, using the Internet to connect with each other and to make sure their thoughts reach the p

April 2005

December 2004

November 2004

October 2004


by tsalon
a collection of policy ideas and general thoughts on the Wikinews project

What is a alternative media? - a wikipedia teach-in

by tsalon
Content production and marketing tactics, Writing style and editorial policy, Capability of production and networking, etc


by tsalon