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by tnecniv
Dedale est une plateforme de reflexion et d'experimentation sur les nouvelles formes artistiques et les nouveaux medias.

The Six Minute Project

by jiveturkeytaken
The six minute project is a collaborative multimedia experiment in which people upload 24 hours of their life, six minutes at a time.

May 2006 :: a project of Stay Free! magazine

by slogoo & 2 others
illegal art,非法艺术,正如其名.有video, visual, music, articles,全部为非法或被政府禁止.全部free download,敬请观赏.

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Christophe Bruno » Human Browser at the Galerie Sollertis

by Fluctuat
Le navigateur humain selon l'artiste C. Bruno. Video de la performance web/réseau

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