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FoxyTunes - Yahoo! Media Player | plays music on web pages

by garret
"The Yahoo! Media Player is a revolutionary and easy to use music player that plays audio on any website. The latest version of FoxyTunes automatically detects web pages that have music on them, allows playing this music right there on the page with the Yahoo! Media Player, and conveniently control it from FoxyTunes." Benefits of the Yahoo! Media Player * Automatically finds all audio links on your page, turning your web page into a playlist * Ties all media from your web page into one experience, with one player and one play button * Floats on your web page, is available when you need it and gets out of your way when you don't


Play | Audio Media Player

by garret & 1 other
Play is an application for playing and managing audio files. Play currently supports playback of FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and various other audio file formats. For lossless formats such as FLAC and WavPack, and for Ogg Vorbis and specially-tagged MP3 files, Play supports gapless playback allowing sample-accurate audio reproduction. Need to make changes to your audio files' metadata? No problem! Play has a powerful integrated metadata editor that allows multiple files to be edited at once, even if the files are in different formats. And if your files are missing metadata, Play can use MusicBrainz to help fill in the blanks.

NicePlayer | for Mac

by garret & 2 others (via)
"Designed from the ground up from people who like to watch movies, NicePlayer does all of the things that you would expect from a media player, and all of the things you didn't know you needed."

Matt McAlister | A handy music playlist tool

by garret
Review of Yahoo!'s Mediaplayer, useful for sharing playlists on web pages. Mediaplayer:

Music Interfaces | Overview: mp3 player programs

by garret
A run down of both mainstream (iTunes, Winamp...) and non-mainstream mp3 players (Songbird...).


Miro - free, open source internet tv and video player

by Ithil & 25 others, 1 comment
The only video player you need. Free and open-source, because open media matters. | Web page mp3 player

by garret & 23 others
"If you'd like to make all the mp3 links playable on any page, including those which you don't own, you can use this bookmarklet button."

Songbird Media Player

by garret & 56 others
Songbird™ is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. For Windows, Mac, Linux.

Peel | Music Blog Player for Mac

by garret & 2 others
1. Subscribe to blogs around the web and get notified when new music becomes available. 2. Download and add your favorite music directly to iTunes with a click of a button. 3. A single way to easily stream any web page and listen to new music

Streampad | Internet audio player

by garret & 6 others
Streampad is like iTunes for your web browser. Play your music files (located at home or at, or music on the internet, such as podcasts or web pages with mp3's, such as music blogs. Streampad also lets you see what others are playing and create playlists.


MyTheatre v3.33

by svartling
MyTheatre is a multimedia application for end user which allows watch Satellite TV and Radio, playback multimedia files (mpg, mp3, DivX and many others) and DVD. MyTheatre is highly integrated application.

Media Player Classic released

by svartling
Media Player Classic is the perfect substitute for Windows Media Player. Estetically is identical to version 6.4 and has the same lightness in terms of ram occupation, but it has much more usefull functions. That’s what Microsoft should have done since a long time instead focusing on skins, favourites and similar sillyness..

QuickTime Alternative 1.60 Beta 3

by svartling
QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files without having to install the official QuickTime Player. All QuickTime formats (.mov .qt .3gp etc.) are supported, including streaming content and QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

FoxyTunes - Control any media player from Firefox and more...

by svartling & 2 others (via)
# FoxyTunes is an Extension for Mozilla Firefox. It also supports the Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird. # It allows you to control your favorite media player without leaving the browser. # The controls are positioned on the status bar or one of the toolbars, so no extra space is wasted. # FoxyTunes has several nice features. You can control the playback, adjust the volume, see what's playing and more.

QuickTime Alternative 1.60 beta 2

by svartling
QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files without having to install the official QuickTime Player. All QuickTime formats (.mov .qt .3gp etc.) are supported, including streaming content and QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

Meedio Opens the Door to the Digital Home with Free Software Offering

by svartling
Leading digital home software vendor Meedio LLC announced today that they are making their Meedio Express media center application available as a free download from their website at

Zoom Player v4.51 Release Candidate 1

by svartling
Zoom Player was originally conceived to fill a void in Multimedia playback. Prior to Zoom Player, playing media files on the PC was either overly simplistic for the Power User or overly cryptic to the common user. Zoom Player tries to both simplify the playback experience for the common user, while giving the Power Users all the tools and interfaces they may require to manipulate their playback environment to their exact specification.

foobar2000 Full 0.9 Beta 6

by svartling
Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats.

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