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Faruk Ateş :

What makes Modernizr different from a lot of other, existing approaches is that it doesn’t use any UserAgent sniffing at all—in fact, Modernizr was partially designed and developed precisely to put an end to UA sniffing. It is a bad, unsafe and unreliable practice so the more alternatives we have to do it right, the better.


Dean Edwards: IE7.js version 2.0 (beta)

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Première version beta (la précédente datait d'août 2005 !). Le script a été refondu en 2 parties : IE7.js + IE8.js



QuirksBlog: the CSS Redesign by ppk

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As I said above, I decided to use only one single CSS file without hacks and without conditional comments. All browsers receive this file, and it's up to them to show my site correctly—or not.


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Compare fonts for the screen


24 ways - splintered striper

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This script programmatically adds two alternating CSS background colours to table rows


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Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours.

Notes on suggesting link styles

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How to use the link pseudo-classes with the browser legacy. 1999 - David Baron

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"A Good Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS."


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For beginners (or lazy guys)

the css-discuss "incutio" wiki

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resources, tips & tricks Si vous n'aimez pas la tongue de Shakespeare, allez voir le wiki des pompeurs.

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