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March 2007

Digital Scratchboard

by ujwala
Quoted: Had some time on hand and did not want to do the painting exercise I'm meant to Decided to try out something new digitally. Made a scratchboard and erased out a friends portrait. Need to do a few more before I get the hang of reversing the line...

Right side up

by ujwala
Quoted: I've been postponing trying this out right side up.  Finally got around to it earlier in the evening.  I find that my lines were looser and more confident in the last one that I made.  In this one there is more of a likeness. 

Another Upside Down

by ujwala
Quoted: One of the art blogs that I consider a must read is Katherine Tyrell's "Making a Mark".  I visit it often.   It contains all kinds of useful information and links for artists.  A couple of days ago I followed a link from there to Ma

Digitally Done

by ujwala
Quoted: Project Andrew Wyeth continues....  I just cannot seem to resist drawing Andew Wyeth from his photographs.  He has so many interesting lines on his face most of which i could not capture and so this is going to stay WIP until I learn a b

Upside down

by ujwala
Quoted: I did my first upside down drawing following the instructions in Betty Edwards book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It was a line drawing by Picasso named Portrait of Igor Stravinsky. I liked what it looked like and that encouraged me t...

What kind of an artist are you?

by ujwala
Quoted: Found the link to this great article on Wired on The Accidental Artist's blog. David Pink's has written a very interesting article about David Galenson's research on creativity and how he sorts people into two types essentially - early geniuses...

February 2007

Street Vendors

by ujwala
Quoted: We were stuck in a traffic jam in Dhaka a while ago and we have plenty of those :D. I looked around and took a few photographs of cart pullers, rickshaws and street vendors. This cigarette vendor was on the pavement a few cars away waiting for ...

Abhimanue - Take 2

by ujwala
Quoted: This is my second attempt at drawing Abhimanue.   He was the first person I met in college.  Abhinmanue had an open door policy and however trivial our queries may have been he gave his time unstintingly and answered them patiently

Colourful Rickshaws

by ujwala
Quoted: I grew up in Kolkata, a city with hand pulled Rickshaws.  I must've sat in one just once and my friend pulled me along up and down the road to her house for a lark!  At that point there were a few other cities with hand pulled rickshaws

Self Portrait in Ink

by ujwala
Quoted: This is the 3rd piece that I made today.  I'm just thrilled with that and not so much with this drawing!   I used a different pen today (Lamy Joy) and regretted it a bit as the ink in this one seems to collect in a small pool at times!&n

Sandeep Jigdum

by ujwala
Quoted: Made this one of Sandeep's at the art group meet this morning. We hadnt met up in 5 weeks and I was really happy to catch up and restart these meetings once more. I had made a sketch of Vishal yesterday evening which hadnt turned out so well an...

Try, try, try again!

by ujwala
Quoted: There was something about the angle in which this photograph was taken and being too close to the subject with a wideangle lens.  Vishal's nose was out of proportion to the rest of his face.  I found this angle of him looking down very d

January 2007

Stuck on College of Art

by ujwala
Quoted: A quick sketch of the HOD at the Delhi College of Art. Mr Abhimanue Govindan

Too far to fix

by ujwala
Quoted: The learning here was never to start something you want to make extra special, with a lot of care under pressure or with a new medium.  I hope to make another one replace this one with in the near future.  This one is now too far for me

Long absence

by ujwala
Quoted: At the College of art we had lots of artists visiting. She was one whose work I was familiar with and she very kindly allowed me to take a photograph. Pen and Ink to try and keep my hand in. The shape of the face has been penned in incorrectly ...


by qkor

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