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January 2007

FooPlot: Online graphing calculator and plotter

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
FooPlot is a vector graphics and Javascript-based function plotter. It uses SVG for the browsers that can handle it, and supports IE's native VML as well. Current functionality includes 2-D function plotting as well as a 3-D plotting demo (for Firefox and Opera). Planned features include connectivity to Google spreadsheets, curve fitting, and other types of plots. Graphing a function has never been this easy - you just have to type or any other function you wish! No more fudging around with a complicated graphing calculator program!

September 2005

Godel and Godel's Theorem: Math

by Riduidel
In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, one of the big mathematical goals was to reduce all of number theory to a formal axiomatic system. Like Euclid's Geometry, such a system would start off with a few simple axioms that are almost indisputable

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