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Wcalc Homepage

by Riduidel
Wcalc is a very capable calculator. It has standard functions (sin, asin, and sinh for example, in either radians or degrees), many pre-defined constants (pi, e, c, etc.), support for using variables, "active" variables, a command history, hex/octal/binar

The KnotPlot Site

by Riduidel
Knots can be loaded from a database of almost 1000 knots and links or sketched by hand in three dimensions. Also, knots may be constructed via the Conway notation or using a tangle calculator. A number of special knot types (torus knots, knot chains, Liss

Calerga - Sysquake

by Riduidel
Sysquake is innovative, powerful and flexible software for understanding systems, solving problems, and designing products. What makes it special is its unparalleled graphical interactivity.

Fractal Explorer

by Riduidel & 2 others
Fractal Explorer is a freeware fractal generator that can produce mysterious and beautiful mathematically-based images. Not just a tool for professionals, FE can provide hours of entertainment for beginners and experts alike !

May 2005

Maxima - Screenshots

by Riduidel
Maxima is a descendant of DOE Macsyma, which had its origins in the late 1960s at MIT. It is the only system based on that effort still publicly available and with an active user community, thanks to its open source nature. Macsyma was the first of a new

Octave Home Page

by Riduidel & 1 other
GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that

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