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May 2008

HSC Tutors Sydney

by wiliamau
Matrix Education is Sydney's most Qualified HSC Tutors in Strathfield providing tutoring in Maths English tutors Physics & Chemistry from Year 7 to Year 12.

January 2007


by EdPlace
If you have a child that is struggling in a particular Maths, English or Science topic, or a child that needs a little help to achieve the top marks, or one that needs help revising for an exam, you can do no better than to go to EdPlace is a completely comprehensive source of online Maths, English and Science worksheets available for just £11.50 per month. Compiled by professional teachers, and covering every topic through Key Stages 1-4, all educational material from EdPlace is officially certified by Curriculum Online. Here’s how it works. A particular topic in which your child needs extra tuition can be selected, it can then be downloaded from, printed out and given to your child to work through. Once complete, further worksheets can be printed out on the same topic so that the child becomes entirely confident with that particular topic. When the time is right more worksheets can be downloaded for the next level up of the same topic or for a completely different topic. EdPlace is unique in that it gives the subscriber access to hundreds of colourful, interactive worksheets that can be refreshed at the touch of a button. The ability to set new questions, gives your child the chance to practice the same tasks until they are fully understood. All worksheets are supported by an answer sheet. It is unique also because it offers free feedback to all your questions from a trained professional. EdPlace’s method is based on the three proven principles of PRACTICE, REWARD and MOVE UP. Practice The questions posed on each worksheet can be refreshed so that your child can practice a particular problem until they have a good understanding of it – practice makes perfect Reward Children need to be rewarded for their achievements. EdPlace recommends a certain number of “house points” to be awarded to the child upon successful completion of the worksheet. These not only reward your child but they also make it fun for them to learn Move Up After your child has gained an understanding of the topic, developed confidence and been rewarded, he or she will enjoy moving up to the next level and learn something new Not only are EdPlace’s worksheets excellent at supporting course work, they are also a very effective tool for revision. A particular revision topic can be easily selected and used to revise for a forthcoming exam. So, for whatever reason your child needs extra tuition, sign up to the unique worksheet resource at

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