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January 2005

Selected Developed Software

by roberto
Delaunay triangulation software.


by roberto
Matrix manipulation on Lisp.

December 2004

November 2004

12 sided calendar

by roberto & 28 others
Calendar on a pentagon dodecahedron.

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Generating combinations of objects from multiple sequences

by roberto
Repeating a calculation or simulation over a range. with input parameters varied over tolerance ranges


by roberto
Online book on Godel.

October 2004

Growlmurrdurr Technical Weblog: 2004-10-22

by roberto
Logarithmic secant root finder.

September 2004

by roberto
Rotating objects with complex numbers.


by roberto
Python interface to ePiX.

ePiX Home Page

by roberto
Collection of batch-oriented utilities to create figures.

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