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July 2004

Enumerating the Rationals in Python

by roberto
Generators and the rationals.

June 2004

Meta Math

by roberto
A book on math.

Reverse Polish Notation

by roberto
What is Reverse Polish Notation?

May 2004

Understanding Without Proof

by roberto
Euler's equation explained in simple words.

April 2004

Bloom Filters - the math

by roberto
What is a bloom filter?

EQP: Equational Theorem Prover

by roberto
An automated theorem proving program for first-order equational logic.


by roberto
Spline interpolation in Python.

March 2004

Mathematical Background

by roberto & 5 others
Nice online reference.

Lambda Calculus

by roberto
An introduction.

Sean's Applied Math Book

by roberto
Open source math book.


by roberto & 1 other
A list of links to useful mathematical textbooks available for free on the Internet.

February 2004

Graham's number

by roberto
A really really big number.

big numbers

by roberto
Graham's number is far larger than the Moser.

Graham's Number

by roberto
A really big number.

Python: module spharm

by roberto
Interface to SPHEREPACK3.

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