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Video Resources for Middle School Math

by knann
List of specific video resources for middle school math that can be used for differentiation.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra, & Geometry

by knann
Billings Public Schools Math Video Project. Math videos produced by high school teachers and aligned with their textbooks. Ongoing project but many videos available.


Sargent Park Math Zone

by knann (via)
Grade 8 math teacher using a blog as a homework site and enrichment center, He uses a variety of Web 2.0 tools to support student learning in math. Students take turns as scribes responsible for posting to the blog.


by knann
Mathcasts can Help students learn & review math. Help teachers collaborate & improve their teaching. Help parents help their children and enable them to see examples of their childrens' work. was created to give students a library of math tutorials and problem solutions and to give teachers a place to share their methods for teaching & learn from others. It's also a place where students & teachers can contribute and organize sets of movies for others or themselves to use.

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